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National Psychological Journal #1/2016, 102 p.

Psychology and Society

Rean Artur A. (2016). Attitude of the youth to the institute of family and family values. National Psychological Journal. 1, 03-08.

Pages: 3-8

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0101

Available Online: 06.07.2016

Emelin Vadim A. (2016). Technology as a factor of identity transformation: development of HOMO TECHNOLOGIES. National Psychological Journal. 1, 09-18.

Pages: 9-18

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0102

Available Online: 06.07.2016

Methodology and Methods of Psychology

L’vova Elena N., Shlyagina Elena I., Gusev Aleksei N. (2016). Using the Rosenzweig frustration picture test in the study of coping behaviour in the situation of uncertainty. National Psychological Journal. 1, 19-27.

Pages: 19-27

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0103

Available Online: 06.07.2016

Grigorieva Irina V., Enikolopov Sergey N. (2016). Testing questionnaires “Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale” and “Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale” (short version). National Psychological Journal. 1, 31-44.

Pages: 31-44

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0105

Available Online: 06.07.2016

Puente, A.E. (2016) «Let the theory guide our development». National Psychological Journal. 1, 28-30.

Pages: 28-30

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0104

Available Online: 06.07.2016


Eskov Valery M., Filatov Mikhail A., Streltsova Tatiana V., Zinchenko Yuriy P. (2016). Stress reaction to cooling: entropic and chaotic estimation.National Psychological Journal. 1, 45-52.

Pages: 45-52

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0106

Available Online: 06.07.2016

Vishneva Anastasia E. (2016). Features of self-esteem in patients with various speech disorders. National Psychological Journal. 1, 53-61.

Pages: 53-61

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0107

Available Online: 06.07.2016

Developmental Psychology and Family Psychology

Kapustin Sergey A. (2016). Influence of hyperprotection (overexactness) on marital problems. National Psychological Journal. 1, 62-69.

Pages: 62-69

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0108

Available Online: 06.07.2016

Mazurova Nadezhda V., Podolskaya Tatyana А. (2016). Psychological pedagogical assistance to parents of children with severe health problems: guidelines and opportunities. National Psychological Journal. 1, 68-75.

Pages: 70-77

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0109

Available Online: 06.07.2016

Labour psychology and engineering psychology

Strizhova, Ekaterina A. (2016). Dynamics of motivation before and after job placement. National Psychological Journal. 1, 78-87.

Pages: 78-87

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0110

Available Online: 06.07.2016

Social Psychology

Gudzovskaya, Alla A. (2016). Development of social maturity: inter- and intra-subject factors. Longitudinal study. National Psychological Journal. 1, 88-95.

Pages: 88-95

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0111

Available Online: 06.07.2016

Psychology of Education

Zharova, Darya V., Minkov, Vladimir A. (2016). On specifics of pedagogical work and professional competence of teachers in the British scientists’ works of the late 19th century. National Psychological Journal. 1, 96-101.

Pages: 96-101

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0112

Available Online: 06.07.2016

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