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Information For Authors

'National Psychological Journal' is All-Russian scientific and analytical issue which highlights achievements in different areas of modern psychological science and practice.

The Journal publishes original scientific and practice-oriented articles on topical issues of the various areas of psychology, which is distinguished by scientific novelty and distinctive author's viewpoint.

Submitting Manuscripts

Electronic version of manuscripts is submitted to the Editor of the 'National Psychological Journal'. Manuscripts must contain original material, previously unpublished and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. To confirm this 'Original' shall be indicated. The Author Information includes contact email address, phone number and full postal address.

Manuscript Submission Form

The beginning of the article should contain the author's Russian and English initials and surname, academic title and degree, job title, full name of the institution, where the study or experiment was carried out, Russian and English article title, Russian and English summary (up to 1700 Russian characters within 250 English word limit), 5-7 keywords in Russian and in English, UDC identifier, the body of the article and reference literature.

The paper is up to than 25 thousand characters (including spaces). Large materials can be published in several issues of the Journal.

Article Layout

Publication is in the Russian language. The names of foreign institutions are given in Latin letters without inverted comas. Names of foreign scholars, names of heads of institutions, etc. in the Russian language are followed by transliterated Latin names in parentheses. Acronyms and abbreviations should be fully deciphered when used for the first time, with the exception of common abbreviations and terms of mathematical units.

Information about grants and acknowledgments are provided in a footnote at the foot of the first page.

Do not use:

The text should not contain double spaces and double paragraphs (blank lines).

Links and References

Bibliography should include at least three sources. Sources are listed in alphabetical order. Russian sources are followed by the sources in other languages. List sequential numbering is used.

Due attention should be paid to the correct specification and completeness of reference information. (For samples of reference descriptions see Appendix -Making Article Reference Lists (or Links) at:  

The citation of electronic publications on the Internet showing all data are allowed only to the official sources and registered with Roskomnadzor (Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications). In the article text references to literature sources are given in round brackets as surnames followed by the year of publication after the comma, e.g., (Vygotsky, 1982). Footnotes as reference sources are not allowed.

Tables, Graphs, Drawings Tables

Tables, Graphs, Drawings Tables, figures and diagrams in the text should be numbered and titled.

Duplication of text graphs, tables and figures is not allowed.

Charts and diagrams can be built in MS Excel. MS Excel diagrams shall be provided with the original data file. Tables and graphs data should be carefully checked. The author is responsible for the information provided in tables and graphs.

Drawings and diagrams can be built with the use of graphic editors, and should not allow editing. Figures should be submitted in the following formats: .Jpeg (quality score of at least 8), or .Tiff (resolution of 300 dpi with no compression).

Charts, tables and figures, and photos that do not meet the print quality will be returned to author and shall be submitted with better quality.

Information About Authors

Information about authors should be submitted in a separate file.

Please enter your full last name, first name and patronymic name/middle name, degree and academic title, position, place of work, number of publications. Specify your contact email address, personal website, phone, and postal address (which will not appear in the printed version of the Journal.)

Articles that do not meet these requirements are not published by the decision of the Editorial Board.

Manuscripts are reviewed to reveal the novelty, scientific and practical relevance of content. All reviewers remain anonymous. Author is contacted to be informed about a positive decision regarding the publication of the manuscript. If article is returned to the author for further improvement the revision review is attached.

The editors reserve the right to edit articles to give them brevity and clarity of the presentation form, and to correspond the text style of the Journal. The author's scientific content is preserved.

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