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National Psychological Journal #1(1) / 2006, 136 p.


Zinchenko Yu. P., Tsvetkova L.A. (2006). Editorial. National Psychological Journal, 1(1), 3


Pages: 3

Keywords: National Psychological Journal;

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Zinchenko Yu.P. (2006). Whether the house without the base is necessary? National Psychological Journal,1(1), 4-7

Interview with Yury P. Zinchenko, Doctor of psychological sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Education, Dean of Faculty of Psychology of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chair of Psychology Council of Russian Educational and Methodical Association for Traditional University Education in Russian Federation, President of Russian Psychological Society.

Pages: 4-7

Keywords: interview; the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow Lomonosov State University;

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Tsvetkova L.A. (2006). The psychologist is a helping trade. National Psychological Journal,1(1), 7-9

Interview with Larissa A. Tsvetkovoj, Candidate of psychological sciences, Dean of faculty of Psychology of the St.-Petersburg state university. Vice-President of Russian Psychological Society.

Pages: 7-9

Keywords: interview;

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Invitation to discussion

Allakhverdov V.M.(2006). Discourseon the Psychological Science with an Exclamation Mark. National Psychological Journal,1(1), 10-19

The author discusses the nature and very essence of consciousness, understanding of it in Russian and foreign psychology. The views on consciousness which occurred at different stages of society's development and state ideology' impacts upon individual consciousness are discussed, along with major trends in the study of consciousness in modern psychological science.

Pages: 10-19

Keywords: the nature of consciousness; consciousness; consciousness and ideology; the manipulation of consciousness; consciousnes and self-esteems;

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Challenges of the XXI Century

Tkhostov A.Sh., Surnov K.G.(2006). Culture and Pathology: Side Effects of Socialization. National Psychological Journal,1(1), 20-27

The article argues the necessity of psychological research on the problem of "cultural pathology" and the development of evidence-based programs confronting adverse impact of mass media culture that imposes ideals, rules and values far from humanistic on modern individual, often being the reason of neuroses. It discusses aims and objectives of the task, which should include not only the study of the problem, but also the development of a unified methodological and diagnostic apparatus, as well as the development of preventive measures-psychological and educational activities that help a person to resist the imposed values.

Pages: 20-27

Keywords: mass culture; system of values; the mass media; the impact of media on the consciousness;

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Enikolopov S.N. (2006). Terrorism and Aggressive Behavior. National Psychological Journal,1(1), 28-32

The basic types of violence — direct, structural, cultural and all their forms are distinguished. The author shows causes of terrorism as a form of aggressive behavior, describes social background of terrorist behavior and analyzes personality traits peculiar to terrorists.

Pages: 28-32

Keywords: aggressive behavior; terrorism; terrorist; personality traits of terrorist; social background of terrorism;

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Zabrodin Yu.M. (2006).The problems and the future of Practical Psychology in Russia. National Psychological Journal,1(1), 33-41

Social and economic changes in modern society place create new demands from modern Russian psychological science and transform tasks of the psychologists. The article demonstrates the increasing importance of practical psychology, covering in details its functions and methods. The author outlines the ways of its further development and argues the need for improved training of practical psychologists and improved regulatory framework of psychologist activity.

Pages: 33-41

Keywords: practical psychology; psychologist; functions of practical paychology; the methods of practical psychology;

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Matveeva L.V. (2006). Children and Mass-media: Problems of Interaction. National Psychological Journal,1(1), 42-53

The article presents the results of two studies conducted by staff and students of Lomonosov Moscow State University. The first research was devoted to the communicative attitudes of audience and authors of TV programs as partners in the television communications. It showed young viewers' expectations of television programs, their content and hosts. The second research studied the categorical structure of the TV hero's image in comparison with the children's and the youth's images of a "good" and an "evil" person along with their own images of self as a TV hero.

Pages: 42-53

Keywords: mass media; children and television; children's and youth audience; the image of television character among children and adolescents; assessment of journalists audience by children and young people; requirements to the presenter placed by children;

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