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Yasukova, Lyudmila A.

Ph.D in Psychology, associate Professor, head of the laboratory of social psychology of the Institute of complex social research of St. Petersburg State University.


Yasukova L.A. (2006). The Quality of the Modern Practice Psychologists Training. National Psychological Journal,1(1), 97-101

The author analyzes modern system of training of practical psychologists in Russia, and training system of psychology students at universities, its strengths and weaknesses. Considerable attention is paid to training of school psychologists.

Pages: 97-101

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Keywords: practical psychology; school psychologist; practical psychologis; training of psychology students;

Yasukova L.A. (2007). Psycho-Pedagogical Reasons of Illiteracy Among Modern Schoolchildren.National Psychological Journal,1(2), 112-116

The article investigates causes of illiteracy of modern schoolchildren, examines the shortcomings of training programs that do not provide education of high quality in primary school. Possible ways to provide psychological assistance to students with poor performance are discussed.

Pages: 112-116

By: ;

Keywords: learning in the elementary grades; school difficulties of children; psychological help to lagging behind children;

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