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Voiskunsky A. E. (2010). Iinformation security: psychological aspects.National Psychological Journal,1(3), 48-53

The problems of information security in the area of new technologies are considered. Central to the range of issues under consideration are psychological problems. It is stated that a number of children and adolescents can not use transfer to the virtual environment rules of moral behavior they are familiar with; this is the reason of large influx of newcomers violators of rules of behavior to the networking community. The necessity of developing a special training course designed to help such children and adolescents, as well as the widespread education of the younger generation in the sphere of the basics of cyberethics. The usefulness of this training course is illustrated by the results of a study conducted in the cyber environment: preferred direction of hacker community are demonstrated.

Pages: 48-53

Keywords: information security; computer security; psychology; moral development; ethics; hackers; flow experience;

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Chernova M. A., Klepikov O. E. (2012) Neuromarketing: on the ethical component. National Psychological Journal, 1(7), 139-142

The idea of a new form of marketing research, neuromarketing, is considered. The possibilities and risks that it carries are shown. Considerable attention is paid to the ethics of modern technology imaging.

Pages: 139-142

Keywords: neuromarketing; neuroscanning technology; neuroscience; consumer behavior; ethics; marketing; marketing research; ethics in marketing; technology of neurovisualisation; moral and ethical side of neurovisualisation;

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