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Chernova M. A., Klepikov O. E. (2012) Neuromarketing: on the ethical component. National Psychological Journal, 1(7), 139-142

The idea of a new form of marketing research, neuromarketing, is considered. The possibilities and risks that it carries are shown. Considerable attention is paid to the ethics of modern technology imaging.

Pages: 139-142

Keywords: neuromarketing; neuroscanning technology; neuroscience; consumer behavior; ethics; marketing; marketing research; ethics in marketing; technology of neurovisualisation; moral and ethical side of neurovisualisation;

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Arakelov G.G. (2012). The future of Russian psychology in the integration and development of neuroscience. National Psychological Journal, 2(8), 64-70

In this paper we give the main trends and prospects of development of neuroscience, dealing with the problems of cerebral dysfunction, thinking, memory, perception and information processing. The issues of research of plastic capacity of adult brain, the problems of individual consciousness, decoding of the mechanisms of thinking, new possibilities for cross-cultural researches are considered. .The exciting interdisciplinary researches in the field of stress, distress and various mental and psychosomatic disorders caused by them are emphasized The conclusion is made that psychology cannot develop without close interaction with neuroscience.

Pages: 64-70

Keywords: psychology; psychophysiology; neuroscience; brain activity; brain dysfunction;

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