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The National Psychological Journal is an all-Russian scientific, informational and analytical publication. The journal reflects achievements in various areas of modern psychological science and practice, as well as related sciences (pedagogy, philosophy, history, natural science, philology, political science, economics, medicine, cultural studies). It focuses on the development of relevant and comprehensive knowledge about human development and promising methods and technologies for its application in psychological practice.

The journal publishes original theoretical, analytical and empirical articles and reviews on topical problems in various fields of psychology, which are distinguished by scientific and practical novelty, relevance and the distinctive position of the author.

The National Psychological Journal is an open-access publication. According to the Budapest Open Access Initiative, the editorial staff of the journal provide direct open access to all materials immediately after their publication, since free open access to research results increases the global exchange of knowledge. Open access allows readers to download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full text of articles.

The authors of the journal are not charged, and accelerated publication time for articles is not provided.

The journal is indexed in Russian and international abstract databases of scientific publications.

Dear authors, please note that the priority for our publication are materials related to the groups of scientific specialties for which academic degrees are awarded:

Submission of the manuscript

Manuscripts are submitted to the editorial office of the National Psychological Journal in electronic form at

Along with the article, applicants need to send a scan of a declaration of absence of a conflict of interest, signed by all the authors: download the application form.

All the authors sign a licensing copyright agreement: download a sample.

The editorial board of the National Psychological Journal supports the provisions of the Declaration "Ethical Principles of Scientific Publications" adopted by the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers on the basis of the recommendations of the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE).

Manuscripts submitted to the editorial office of the National Psychological Journal undergo a peer review and examination procedure.

Before submitting an article, please familiarize yourself with the rules for preparing articles, editorial ethics and the procedure for reviewing articles.

All articles received by the editorial office are checked for the presence of direct borrowings in the “Antiplagiat” system and checked for the presence of received texts and links on the Internet. In the event of numerous borrowings, the editors act in accordance with the rules of the International Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Withdrawal (retraction) of a publication from the journal is done upon the recommendations of the Council for the Ethics of Scientific Publications of the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers "Rules for the withdrawal (retraction) of an article from publication." (See Retraction of publications)

Requirements for manuscript formatting

Article structure

The main content of an article or review is divided into the following sections:

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