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M. Lomonosov



Krasovskaya T. M. (2012) Pomeranian culture in shaping personality of M. Lomonosov. National Psychological Journal,1(7), 57-60

The article considers the role of culture of the Pomeranian region in shaping the personality of M. Lomonosov, the great Russian scholar. The influence of the Orthodox tradition of the Pomors, their language, the natural landscapes of the Pomerania region on the development of energy and will to learn, and deep respect for knowledge and spiritual development in adolescent M. Lomonosov is shown.

Pages: 57-60

Keywords: M. Lomonosov; Pomeranian culture at the beginning of the 18th century; Russian Orthodoxy; language of the Pomors; nature of the Pomeranian region;

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Ilchenko V. I., Ilchenko A.I. (2012) Experience of a psychological portrait of M.Lomonosov. National Psychological Journal,1(7),55-56

An attempt to create a psychological portrait of M. Lomonosov is undertaken. The phenomenon of M. Lomonosov’s personality as a creator and a great scholar, who served his people and the supreme power, is revealed.

Pages: 55-56

Keywords: M. Lomonosov; psychological portrait; phenomena; psychological phenomenon; personality;

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Klimov E. A.(2012) Psychological representation of labour in the writings of M. Lomonosov. National Psychological Journal,1(7),47-54

The reconstruction of representations of M.Lomonosov on the psychological components of working conditions and quality of the working man based on his work is shown. The specific features of the scholar which determined his significant contribution to the development of scientific statements that can be attributed to the field of labour psychology are outlined. These provisions are presented in the systematic form supported by numerous quotations from the works of M. Lomonosov.

Pages: 47-54

Keywords: M. Lomonosov; psychology of labour; the working man; working conditions; psychological side of labour; instruments of work; labour safety; activation of workers; organization of labour in the group of workers; history of industrial psychology;

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Zhdan A. N.(2012). Mikhail Lomonosov is “our first university” (1711–1765). National Psychological Journal,1(7),42-46

The main stages of the life and work of M. Lomonosov, the outstanding national scholar, are presented. The features of his personality and outlook are shown. M. Lomonosov’s contribution to the development of scientific psychological thought in Russia is disclosed.

Pages: 42-46

Keywords: M. Lomonosov; history of psychology; three component theory of colour and colour vision of M. Lomonosov; mental processes; personality; personality traits;

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