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psychology of labour



Zavartseva Marina M. (2016). Structure and functions of organizational trust in employees’ notions. National Psychological Journal. 2, 94-104.

This article investigates the structure and functions of organizational trust, examining the content of employees’ subjective notions about organizational trust and it’s role in organization’s functioning. The combination of direct (R.B.Shaw’s trust assessment survey) and indirect (the semantic differential scale; the content-analysis of the checklist of trust structural components) methods was used. Using data on 378 employees of different organizations (commercial, medical, educational) we distinguished subjective images of organization in groups with opposite estimation of organizational trust’s level. The study indicated that organizational trust’s structure is not linear, and exposed two main functions of high level of organizational trust – idealization and positive emotional estimation both of actual organization (that is currently place of employment). Obtained data provide basis for express-diagnostic of trust in organization and might be used for design of psychological training aiming high organization’s efficacy.

Received: 05/11/2016

Accepted: 06/20/2016

Pages: 94-104

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0209

Keywords: psychology of labour; organizational trust; notions; psychosemantics; content analysis;

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Available Online: 08/30/2016

Noskova O. G. (2010). Apllied psychology in contemporary Russia.National Psychological Journal,2(4), 15-19

The report presents a summary of the conference on the status and problems of modern Russian Applied Psychology. Summary and suggestions of participants in each of the seven sessions are presented.

Pages: 15-19

Keywords: applied psychology; organizational psychology; psychology of labour; educational psychology; developmental psychology; psychology of the family; psychological support of professionals; psychology of career;

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Klimov E. A.(2012) Psychological representation of labour in the writings of M. Lomonosov. National Psychological Journal,1(7),47-54

The reconstruction of representations of M.Lomonosov on the psychological components of working conditions and quality of the working man based on his work is shown. The specific features of the scholar which determined his significant contribution to the development of scientific statements that can be attributed to the field of labour psychology are outlined. These provisions are presented in the systematic form supported by numerous quotations from the works of M. Lomonosov.

Pages: 47-54

Keywords: M. Lomonosov; psychology of labour; the working man; working conditions; psychological side of labour; instruments of work; labour safety; activation of workers; organization of labour in the group of workers; history of industrial psychology;

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