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personality traits



Gorbov F.D. (2011). On the "Immunity" of the operator.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 90-92

The peculiarities of the operator's work and in particular airplane pilots are analyzed. The flight personnel experimental results reveal the notion of immunity, which is defined as an individual psychological characteristic of a personality in relation to a human operator.

Pages: 90-92

Keywords: psychophysiology; operator's work; fatigue; exercise; operator's "immunity"; stimuli; personality traits;

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Zhdan A. N.(2012). Mikhail Lomonosov is “our first university” (1711–1765). National Psychological Journal,1(7),42-46

The main stages of the life and work of M. Lomonosov, the outstanding national scholar, are presented. The features of his personality and outlook are shown. M. Lomonosov’s contribution to the development of scientific psychological thought in Russia is disclosed.

Pages: 42-46

Keywords: M. Lomonosov; history of psychology; three component theory of colour and colour vision of M. Lomonosov; mental processes; personality; personality traits;

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