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systems concept



Soldatova G.U., Nestik T.A., Shaygerova L.A. (2011). The principles of building tolerance and managing xenophobia risks. National Psychological Journal, 2(6), 60-79

The principles of building tolerant attitudes in the Russian society which are developed on the basis of the social constructionism methods, evolutionary and cultural and historical approaches to the study of complex systems, concepts of social action and social risk are outlined. The theoretical and practical requirements of modern society are thoroughly and comprehensively analysed.

Pages: 60-79

Keywords: tolerance; intolerance; xenophobia; risks management society; toleration; social trust; systems concept; theory of self-regulated systems; social constructionism; intercultural communication; multiculturalism; social identity; dialogue of Cultures;

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Zinchenko Y.P. (2011). The methodological basis of psychology security. National Psychological Journal, 2(6), 11-14

The system dynamic model of security as a type of activity performance is described. The model is constructed in relation to the national psychology methodological traditions (cultural, historical, historical and evolutionary approaches and also activity approach), which allows to apply the heuristic potential of these approaches to the study of topical issues of human security, society and state.

Pages: 11-14

Keywords: psychology of safety; systems concept; xenophobia; terrorism; A.N. Leontiev’s psychological theory of activity; subject-object relations; tolerance;

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Asmolov A.G. (2011). School of life. Living with dissimilar people. National Psychological Journal, 2(6), 1-3

The article provides a brief excursion into the history of interethnic conflicts. The article describes the concepts of tolerance and xenophobia. Their role in the development of complex systems, and the human society in particular, is distinguished. The importance of building tolerance attitudes to provide a full harmonious human life, various social groups and mankind on the whole in a changing world is emphasized.

Pages: 1-3

Keywords: tolerance; xenophobia; complex systems; multiculturalism; systems concept; ethnic hatred; nationalism; ethnic conflicts; migrant phobia; mutual aid; cooperation; symbiotic evolution; consolidation; dialogue;

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Levitt L.Z., Radchikova N.P. (2012). Personality oriented concept of happiness: theory and practice. National Psychological Journal,2(8),81-89

Personality oriented approach to happiness which is based on the ideas of systemic approach and synthesizes eudaimonic and hedonistic traditions is presented. The questionnaire based on the given theoretical conception is given.

Pages: 81-89

Keywords: eudaimonia; hedonism; happiness; personal uniqueness; rational egoism; systems concept; reliability; validity;

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