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Vladimir S. Sobkin

Vladimir S. Sobkin

Vladimir S. Sobkin

Web of Science ResearcherID: A–8822–2017

ORCID ID: 0000–0002–2339–9080

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Academic rank: Professor, member of the Russian Academy of Education

Degree: Doctor of Psychology

Affiliation: Federal Scientific Center of Psychological and Multidisciplinary Research

Professor, member of the Russian Academy of Education, Head of the Information and analytical center, Russian academy of education, Moscow, Russia


On the value orientations of researchers in the field of education
National Psychological Journal p. 106-115 2017. , 2.
Vladimir S. Sobkin Andreeva, Anna I. Rzaeva, Fatima R.
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Comparative analysis of the relations between two generations of high school male students to the political leaders of Russia (based on the psychosemantic research of 2004 and 2014)
National Psychological Journal p. 79-86 2016. , 2.
Vladimir S. Sobkin Mnatsakanyan, Milena A.
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Lev Vygotsky between two revolutions: on the political self-determination of the scientist
National Psychological Journal p. 20-31 2016. , 3.
Vladimir S. Sobkin Klimova Tatiana A.
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The relationship of emotional intelligence and personality traits (abridged from the survey of students of the Theatre College)
National Psychological Journal p. 56-65 2015. , 2.
Vladimir S. Sobkin Lykova Tatyana A.
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Postgraduate student in the field of education: on the relationship with the scientific supervisor
National Psychological Journal p. 3-14 2022. , 1.
Vladimir S. Sobkin Mariya M. Smyslova Kolomiets, Yurij O.
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Personal traits of actor students in occupational selection: gender perspective
National Psychological Journal p. 74-83 2014. , 3.
Vladimir S. Sobkin Lykova Tatyana A.
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Comments on L.S. Vygotsky’s theatre review on E.V. Geltser’s performance
National Psychological Journal p. 37-48 2014. , 1.
Vladimir S. Sobkin Mazanova, Valeria S.
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The role of sociocultural factors of developing attitudes toward extremism in school students of the cities of Moscow (Russia) and Riga (Latvia)
National Psychological Journal p. 32-40 2013. , 1.
Vladimir S. Sobkin Mkrtychyan, Areg А.
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Development of Psychologist’s Professional Standpoint in University
National Psychological Journal p. 21-26 2007. , 1.
Vladimir S. Sobkin Tkachenko, Olga V.
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From kindergarten education to secondary school education: Parent view
National Psychological Journal p. 111-118 2011. , 1.
Vladimir S. Sobkin Ivanova, Anna I. Skobeltsyna, Ksenia N.
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