ISSN 2079-6617 (Print)
ISSN 2309-9828 (Online)
Mariya M. Smyslova

Mariya M. Smyslova

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4114-5316


Affiliation: Center for the Development of Education, Russian Academy of Education (RAE)

Analyst of the Laboratory of Sociological Research in Education


Socio-psychological features of value orientations in postgraduate students
National Psychological Journal p. 39-52 2021. , 1.
Vladimir S. Sobkin Mariya M. Smyslova Adamchuk, Dmitriy V.
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Postgraduate student in the field of education: on the relationship with the scientific supervisor
National Psychological Journal p. 3-14 2022. , 1.
Vladimir S. Sobkin Mariya M. Smyslova Kolomiets, Yurij O.
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The significance of ethnicity in choosing close friends (a comparison of opinions of high school students in Moscow city, Russia, and Riga city, Latvia)
National Psychological Journal p. 112-116 2011. , 2.
Vladimir S. Sobkin Mariya M. Smyslova
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