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Zhukova E.V.,Nestik T.A. (2013). Interdependence of the management vision and individual personality traits of the company executive. National Psychological Journal, 2(10), 52-60

The article is devoted to definition of management vision among adjacent concepts and to the analysis of interdependence of management vision and individual and personal features of the company executive and their relation to time.

In this work, the management vision is considered as a self-concept among related concepts: anticipation, goal setting, planning, forecasting and individual management concept. The solution of theoretical problems of correlation and differentiation of the terms close to management vision was formed on the basis of the psychological literature review: management vision, being a component of managerial concept, represents a form of anticipation and is the result of goal-setting process, forecasting, and planning.

The characteristics of management vision of company executives are studied empirically. The characteristics of management vision of company executives are associated with individual personal peculiarities of their relationship to time. The empirical research has confirmed the main idea of the work – relationship is the most important power of the company executive – the management vision and ability of managers to see the company future.

The collected data and patterns of relationship between the management vision and the peculiarities of their attitude to time will not only allow to study the social psychological phenomenon thoroughly, but also can be used in developing programs of organizational adjustment, diagnostic techniques, studying and development management vision.

Received: 07/01/2013

Accepted: 09/10/2013

Pages: 52-60

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2013.0208

Keywords: anticipation; image of the company future; management vision; relation to time; company executive’s temporary prospect;

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