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Soldatova G.U., Nestik T.A. (2011). Historical and evolutionary perspective of humanity: from the paradigm of conflict to the paradigm of tolerance. National Psychological Journal, 2(6), 15-24

The history of scientific conflict discourse based on the analysis of philosophic studies, social psychology, economics, and evolutionary biology is shown. The main current theories concerning the conflicts in society and ways to resolve them are considered. The views of local and foreign scientists in the paradigm of tolerance and the perspectives of building tolerant behavior in modern society are presented.

Pages: 15-24

Keywords: conflict; conflict theory; integration; altruism; selfishness; competition; cooperation; struggle for survival; social psychology; evolutionary biology; evolution; tolerance; empathy; compassion; morality; intolerance;

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Badil V.A., Lyubimov M.L.(2012). Inclusive classrooms as a variant of inclusive education. National Psychological Journal,2(8),132-135

The article discusses issues of inclusive education, the benefits of the development of inclusive education through classes, and the importance of preparing children with disabilities (HIA) to be included in a comprehensive school.

Pages: 132-135

Keywords: integration; inclusion; inclusive education; inclusive classrooms; schools inclusive education; children with special needs (children with HIA); adaptive learning environment; psychological pedagogical support; certified training; the District Resource Center (CRC);

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