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practical psychology



Yasukova L.A. (2006). The Quality of the Modern Practice Psychologists Training. National Psychological Journal,1(1), 97-101

The author analyzes modern system of training of practical psychologists in Russia, and training system of psychology students at universities, its strengths and weaknesses. Considerable attention is paid to training of school psychologists.

Pages: 97-101

Keywords: practical psychology; school psychologist; practical psychologis; training of psychology students;

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Zabrodin Yu.M. (2006).The problems and the future of Practical Psychology in Russia. National Psychological Journal,1(1), 33-41

Social and economic changes in modern society place create new demands from modern Russian psychological science and transform tasks of the psychologists. The article demonstrates the increasing importance of practical psychology, covering in details its functions and methods. The author outlines the ways of its further development and argues the need for improved training of practical psychologists and improved regulatory framework of psychologist activity.

Pages: 33-41

Keywords: practical psychology; psychologist; functions of practical paychology; the methods of practical psychology;

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