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practical psychologis



Yasukova L.A. (2006). The Quality of the Modern Practice Psychologists Training. National Psychological Journal,1(1), 97-101

The author analyzes modern system of training of practical psychologists in Russia, and training system of psychology students at universities, its strengths and weaknesses. Considerable attention is paid to training of school psychologists.

Pages: 97-101

Keywords: practical psychology; school psychologist; practical psychologis; training of psychology students;

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Vachkov I.V. (2007). Some Problems in Training of Practical Psychologists.National Psychological Journal,1(2), 102-106

Of the many challenges of practical psychologists training the author singled out two and described them in his article. He reveals the importance of methodology in work of psychologists of all domains and specializations, and analyzes the system of preparing psychologists for training work. The author marks out weak practical training of psychologists in Russian colleges and universities and provides with recommendations on organization of psychologists-trainers postgraduate education.

Pages: 102-106

Keywords: practical psychologis; training of psychologists in the university; training work; postgraduate education of psychologists; training of psychologists;

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