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scientific reality



Subbotsky E. V. (2010). Survival in the world of machine: a view of developmental psychologist on the reasons for faith in magic in the age of science.National Psychological Journal,1(3), 42-47

Since the time of Galileo (1564—1642), Western civilization has increasingly fallen under the spell of science. Despite this fact, anthropological and psychological research has shown that magical beliefs are present in both children and adults in modern Western industrial cultures. How can a belief in magic coexist with a belief in science in the mind of a rational, educated adult? A possible explanation is that magical beliefs survive in the rational mind by going into the subconscious. Experiments examining this hypothesis will be reviewed; theoretical and practical implications of the existence of subconscious magical beliefs in modern rational adults will be analyzed.

Pages: 42-47

Keywords: coexistence; magical beliefs; scientific reality; unconsciousness;

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