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the modernization of education



Aron I.S. (2013). Career choice of senior pupils in the context of the social situation of development. National psychological journal. 3 (11), 20-27.

The goal of this work is to justify the urgency of career choice at the present stage of societal development and also to show that in terms of social and cultural modernization of education based on the implementation of the major methodological approaches in the human science there raises the possibility of establishing an effective system of psychological support of career choice.

Analyzing the main content of the systematic, activity-based, dynamic, anthropocentric, and acmeological approaches in the context of the problem, the author defines their capabilities within the research of career choice. The need to integrate methodological approaches for the development of a unified scientific theory of career choice is emphasized. The result of this integration was the view of the author that the basic principles of modern theoretical approaches to anthropology are extremely focused on the concept of the “social situation of development” by L.S. Vygotsky.

The paper shows that the optimization of the social situation of development is the main vector of psychological support for of senior students in career choice. To identify specific directions of career choice the ideas of Russian psychologists of the social situationof development are analyzed and presented in the paper. The author as a main component of the content structure of the social situation of development highlights the psychological readiness for career choice, i.e. cognitive, behavioural, motivational, personal preparedness. Reference is made to the positive author’s experience of psychological preparedness for professional career choice of children in a particular social situation of development, e.g. orphans, adolescents with deviant behaviour, children who show giftedness.

Received: 11/12/2013

Accepted: 11/20/2013

Pages: 20-27

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2013.0303

Keywords: personal and professional self-determination; the modernization of education; ">; a high school student;

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Available Online: 09/30/2013

Asmolov A. G. (2010). Social effects of educational policy.National Psychological Journal,2(4), 100-106

The role of education as a social institution in society is shown. The tasks of national education system at the present stage of rapid change in social consciousness are analyzed. The ways of modernization of national education with the aim of turning it into a resource to reduce social risks and social conflicts motivated by xenophobia, migrant-phobia, social aggression and intolerance are discussed. The necessity of introducing a system of education programs to ensure the development of tolerance, religious tolerance, civic patriotism and social identity among younger generation is shown.

Pages: 100-106

Keywords: education as a social institution; the modernization of education; social risks; social conflicts; xenophobia; migrant phobia; social identity; tolerance; moral development of future generations; the formation of solidarity in Russian society;

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Asmolov A.G. (2011). "Star Hunt".National Psychological Journal,1(5), 24-27

The importance of a new type of a younger generation, i.e. the generation of creative, intellectually developed, innovation minded young people in the context of global social intellectual development at the present stage is considered. Conditions for solving this problem are mentioned.

Pages: 24-27

Keywords: "headhunting"; social intellectual development; the modernization of education; personal development; prodigy children; school variable education; professionoriented education; universal education;

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