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personal identity



Sosnin V. A. (2010). Modern terrorism and the problem of motivation of suicide bombers.National Psychological Journal,2(4), 52-55

The socio-economic, socio-cultural, socio-psychological, religious and ethnic determinants of modern terrorism are discussed. The results of studies of social psychologists of the Institute of Psychology of Russian Academy of Sciences are presented. Search of a new positive personal identity is considered an important motive of the suicide bombers.

Pages: 52-55

Keywords: socio-psychological research on the causes of terrorism; prevention of terrorism; the motivation of suicide; personal identity; traditional Islam and Wahhabism;

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Zinchenko Y.P., Soldatova G.U., Shaygerova L.A. (2011). Act of Terrorism as an extreme situation in the risk society. National Psychological Journal,2(6),98-111

The nature of terrorism as an extreme situation in modern risk society of is analysed. The interconnection between terrorism and xenophobia, discrimination and the spread of intolerance attitudes are shown. Possible ways of searching for effective measures to manage xenophobia risk, combating the ideology of terrorism and accepting tolerance as an essential basis of interaction between individuals and groups in society.

Pages: 98-111

Keywords: terrorism; tolerance; intolerance; xenophobia; migrant phobia; psychological safety; psychological traits of a terrorist; personal identity; motivation of terrorist activities;

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