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human development



Bityanova M.R. (2007). Anthropological Approach to the Definition and Indicators of Quality of Education.National Psychological Journal,1(2), 117-122

The article examines the main indicators of the quality of education and outlines the anthropological approach to education, which the author regards as the basis for their development. The principles of design of anthropologically oriented school system are analyzed.

Pages: 117-122

Keywords: quality of education; anthropological approach to education; human development; the role of education in development; anthropologically oriented system of education;

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Aguzumtsyan R. V., Khachatryan N.G. (2012). The study of spirituality phenomenon in the context of religious knowledge and psychological science. National Psychological Journal, 1(7), 74-80

The ideas about spirituality, which have developed in different philosophic theories as well as various religious faiths of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, etc. are considered. A comparative analysis of religious traditions concerning spiritual quest and aspirations of a human being is given. The similarity of the religious understanding of man’s spiritual growth and psychological characteristics of a holistic, psychologically mature and healthy personality existing in the different theories of personality.

Pages: 74-80

Keywords: spirituality; spiritual growth; spiritual development; moral development; “I-concept”; human development; religious ideas; religious faiths; Christianity; Judaism; Sufism; religious philosophy; psychology of personality;

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