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Zolotareva Alena A.

Zolotareva Alena A.

Zolotareva Alena A.

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5724-2882

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Degree: Ph.D in Psychology

Affiliation: HSE University

PhD in Psychology, Senior Researcher at the International Laboratory of Positive Psychology of Personality and Motivation, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Psychology, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Moscow, Russia


Pilot assessment and preliminary psychometric properties of the Russian version of the Light Triad Scale
National Psychological Journal p. 3–13 2023. , 2.
Nikita R. Ilichov Zolotareva Alena A.
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Russian version of the Short Resilience Scale: psychometric analysis for the samples of students, parents with many children and parents of disabled children.
National Psychological Journal p. 65-75 2022. , 1.
Lada A. Aleksandrova Zolotareva Alena A. Victoria I. Markova
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The imposter phenomenon in the work context: the role of motivation and perfectionism
National Psychological Journal p. 96-104 2021. , 3.
Sheveleva Marina S. Zolotareva Alena A. Rudnova, N.A.
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Psychological predictors of apathy in the middle and late adulthood
National Psychological Journal p. 88-97 2021. , 2.
Zolotareva Alena A. Averina Polina A. Timoshina Anastasia L.
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Measurement of boredom proneness: Russian adaptation of the BPS-SR
National Psychological Journal p. 40-49 2020. , 1.
Zolotareva Alena A.
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