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Pavel N. Ermakov

Pavel N. Ermakov

Pavel N. Ermakov

PsycID: 2011-a-0010

Web of Science ResearcherID: B–3040–2016

ORCID ID: 0000–0001–8395–2426

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Academic rank: Professor, member of the Russian Academy of Education

Degree: Doctor of Biology

Affiliation: Southern Federal University

Full Member of the Russian Academy of Education, Dr. Sci. (Biology), Professor, Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychophysiology, Academy of Psychology and Pedagogy, Southern Federal University.


Subjective Well-Being of Students with Alexithymia in the Context of Development of their Emotional Competencies during the COVID-19 Pandemic
National Psychological Journal p. 165-176 2023. , 4.
Belasheva Irina V. Pavel N. Ermakov
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Electrophysiological correlates of the perception of visual illusions: an ERP study
National Psychological Journal p. 119–128 2023. , 2.
Denisova, E.G. Julia N. Zaytseva Pavel N. Ermakov
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