ISSN 2079-6617
eISSN 2309-9828
Trusova Anna V.

Trusova Anna V.

Trusova Anna V.

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0921-4203

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Academic rank: Associate Professor

Degree: Ph.D in Psychology

Affiliation: Saint-Petersburg State University

Saint Petersburg State University,
V.M. Bekhterev National Research Medical Center for Psychiatry and Neurology.

Saint Petersburg, Russia.


The role of family relationships in Internet addiction in adolescents
National Psychological Journal p. 76-87 2021. , 2.
Anton Y. Kanashov Trusova Anna V.
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The influence of family system and individual psychological characteristics of the careg
National Psychological Journal p. 101-112 2019. , 3.
Trusova Anna V.
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Cross-cultural analysis of regulating emotions in patients with alcohol addiction
National Psychological Journal p. 78-87 2019. , 1.
Ignatev Pavel D. Trusova Anna V. Klimanova Svetlana G. Balashova Yuliya I. Zamyatina Nadezhda N. Shestakova Matrena V.
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