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Национальный психологический журнал
Национальный психологический журнал

Herzen University / Российский государственный педагогический университет имени А.И.Герцена


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Chernetskaya N.I.(2014). Development of creative thinking in adolescents in the context of purpose-built training program. National psychological journal,1(13),102-109

This article analyses the impact of the training program, which is adapted from the author’s integrated concept of creative thinking. The authir interprets it not only as a manifestation of giftedness or a way of thinking, but also as the highest integral level of thinking, the structure of which includes systemic, logical, divergent, predictive, productive, abstract, imaginative, verbal, theoretical, practical, labile thinking. Cluster analysis allowed to identify three types of creative thinking: systemtheoretical, practical and labile-logical.

Based on the integral concept of creative thinking and proven as a result of cluster analysis typology of creative thinking has created a special development program, in which creative thinking teenagers purposefully formed by the development and the integration of its components. The development program is based upon training and educational programs designed to stimulate certain kinds of thinking, but the main focus was on the integration of targeted types of thinking in the structure of creative thinking.

The approbation of the developing program was conducted at the premises of several secondary schools of Angarsk, Russia, in 2009-2010. The program has shown high efficiency both concerning quantitative integrative creative thinking index and also qualitative properties, it was also highly effective concerning all three kinds of creative thinking in adolescents with different versions of its inner structure.

Received: 10/11/2012

Accepted: 03/24/2014

Pages: 102-109

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2014.0111

Keywords: creativity; creative thinking; creative thinking; integrative conception of creative thinking;

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Baeva I.A. (2006). Psychology of Security as the Direction of Psychological Science and Practice. National Psychological Journal,1(1), 66-68

The article reveals the essence of the "psychological security of person" concept, its subject and the main tasks as an independent branch of psychological science. Basic directions of present research are marked out.

Pages: 66-68

Keywords: psychology of safety; psychological safety of the person;

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