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Golichenkov A. K., Vaipan V.A., Davidyan G.M. (2018) On the need for elaborating a federal law on psychological assistance. National Psychological Journal, 1, 151–157.

Background. Legal regulation of psychological assistance in the Russian Federation is currently being implemented only by the departmental acts, and is legislatively regulated by the subject of the Russian Federation in the city of Moscow. Such legislative regulation may be found not sufficient, since existing acts do not provide a standard regulatory definition of psychological assistance, neither they define the principles and forms of rendering this assistance. Also they can hardly arrange and classify certain types of psychological activity, which results in mutually contradicting nature.

In addition, there is a need for a standard definition not only of psychological assistance, but also of psychological activity as a complex of various types of activity carried out by psychologists, and also a standard definition of the profession of a psychologist and qualification requirements including principles of psychological activity.

Objective. The objective is to prove the existing need of adopting a new federal law on psychological counselling, finding gaps in legal regulation of phychological sphere.

Research Progress. The paper analyzes the reason for accepting a new federal law on psychological counselling and the societal need in such legislation and also main provisions of the new law.

Hypothesis. The research resulted in the need for passing a federal law on psychological counselling.

Conclusion. There is a public demand for a new federal law on psychological counselling and such law will certainly create a lot of benefits for the population. It will be a tool for psychological counseling that will put the profession of a psychologist into the statute, and will clearly define types of psychological activity and set principles that the psychologist should follow.

Practical Application. The research results can be used while drafting and passing the new federal law on psychological counselling and executive regulatory acts.

Received: 03/06/2018

Accepted: 03/14/2018

Pages: 151-157

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2018.0114

Keywords: psychological support; psychologist; principles of psychological counselling; psychological activity; legal standards of the psychologist's work;

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Available Online: 03/30/2018