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career success



Kogel D.D., Rikel’ A.M. (2015). Of the relationship of a successful career and romance. National psychological journal. 1 (17), 111-118.

The paper describes the results of the study of the relationship a successful career and a romantic relationship. The general structure of the relationship between the successful career and romantic relationships between men and women obtained as a result of in-depth interviews is given. It is shown that the respondents’ representations are as follows: romantic relationships affect the career much more than a career to a romantic relationship. the positive aspects of this influence are highlighted, they are expressed in moral support, inspiration, confidence, etc. and negative aspects - lack of time, attention and energy resources. The differences in assessing the stediness of the relationship between a successful career and romantic relationships between men and women are shown. The features of perception and evaluation of the career success for people who are in relationships and those who do not have a romantic partner are given a distinct account. The relationship between a successful career and attitude of the respondent to the partner’s career is estblished. Additional results regarding the factors romantic relationships, which can contribute to a more successful career, are also obtained.

Received: 12/23/2014

Accepted: 01/20/2015

Pages: 111-118

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2015.0113

Keywords: career; career success; factors of a successful career; romance; career and relationships; career and family;

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Available Online: 03/30/2015