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methodological crisis in psychiatry and psychology



Reshetnikov М.М. (2015). Mental health of Russian population: new tendencies and old problems. National psychological journal. 1 (17), 9-15.

Contemporary situation with mental health is reviewed, and developments in psychiatry, psychotherapy and clinical psychology are monitored. Russian experience is discussed in the context of the world tendencies. In the situation of the unprecedented increase in psychopathology, insufficient attention has been paid to the crisis phenomena in psychiatry and psychology as well as the development of mental health institutions, which are still in need of specialists, and facilitation of health care programs for population.

The author writes about the increase in the number of patients who need psychiatric or psychological care, lack of experts in the mental health system, low psychological culture of the population, lack of early diagnosis of predisposition to psychopathology.

Multiple hypotheses on the causes of mental disorders are outlined in the paper. Among them, the theory of nervous exhaustion, the hypothesis that mental disorders are associated with impaired brain electrical activity, the theory of the special role of the frontal lobes in the emergence of psychopathology, the hypothesis of an imbalance of hormones, as an etiological factor of mental illness and others, are given account. The paper raises issues of mental disorders classification. The author also discusses the issue of chemical treatment and its isolated and uncontrolled use within mental disorders.

However, the review is incomplete and tends to be an invitation for mental health specialists to further discuss the issues mentioned in the paper.

Received: 12/20/2014

Accepted: 01/12/2015

Pages: 9-15

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2015.0102

Keywords: psychiatry; psychotherapy; psychology; increase in psychopathology; methodological crisis in psychiatry and psychology; mental health;

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Available Online: 03/30/2015