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types of career satisfaction



Kostakova I.V., Belousovа (Grigoreva) S.S. (2014). Psychological basis of career and job satisfaction in adults. National Psychological Journal, 3(15), 84-89

Psychological research of career life is usually devoted to individual choice of a career and career development. With the introduction of the concept of “career satisfaction”, and the definition of its types, components and factors into the scientific sphere, it is now possible to study the psychological characteristics and patterns of career satisfaction.The objective of the research is to reveal the psychological characteristics of career satisfaction in adulthood.

The sample comprises 100 adults from 25 to 45 years of various jobs (teacher, shop assistant, commercial director, freight handler, psychologist, journalist, etc.). The research revealed that among the participants the average level of job satisfaction is observed (63 per cent). High level of job satisfaction is found in 7 per cent of the participants. Low and very low levels of job satisfaction is typical for 30 per cent of the participants.

The comparison of the results in groups with different levels of job satisfaction in reference with the level of personal self-actualization (harmonious, adaptive and inert/ irrational) determines its basic indicators and identifies factors that allow career satisfaction, including both career-based and emotional ones. There are no significant differences in the content of career satisfaction in males and females.

Significant differences were obtained within different age groups for personal barriers, internality and sociocentrism. The statistical analysis also shows that within “person-symbol” qualified employees indicators of activity, vigor, and internality are higher.

Received: 11/14/2014

Accepted: 11/24/2014

Pages: 84-89

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2014.0310

Keywords: personality self-realization; types of career satisfaction; self-actualization;

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