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children and television



Matveeva L.V. (2006). Children and Mass-media: Problems of Interaction. National Psychological Journal,1(1), 42-53

The article presents the results of two studies conducted by staff and students of Lomonosov Moscow State University. The first research was devoted to the communicative attitudes of audience and authors of TV programs as partners in the television communications. It showed young viewers' expectations of television programs, their content and hosts. The second research studied the categorical structure of the TV hero's image in comparison with the children's and the youth's images of a "good" and an "evil" person along with their own images of self as a TV hero.

Pages: 42-53

Keywords: mass media; children and television; children's and youth audience; the image of television character among children and adolescents; assessment of journalists audience by children and young people; requirements to the presenter placed by children;

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