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Национальный психологический журнал



ethnic identity of personality



Akhmerov R.A. (2007). the Subjective View on Own People’s History.National Psychological Journal,1(2), 90-95

The subjective view on own people’s history is the concept defined in this article and differentiated by the author from the close notions of “world view”, “model of the world”, “ethnic outlook” etc. Causal concept of psychological time of the person is stated, based on which a human’s subjective picture of life and experience of time by ethnic group are explored. Methods applicable to study of subjective picture of the history of the people are presented. Studies conducted on the problem of subjective history of Russian and Tatar peoples are described.

Pages: 90-95

Keywords: ethnic psychology; subjective picture of the history; subjective perceptions of the history of the people; ethnic identity of personality;

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