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system of education



Hasan B.I. (2007). Conflict as the Nature and a Functional Necessity of Education.National Psychological Journal,1(2), 70-74

The article considers the place of education in society and examines the reasons of possible conflicts between the educational goals and social needs. The author also tries to answer how adults view childhood, and how, proceeding from it, educational programs are built.

Pages: 70-74

Keywords: system of education; the conflict between society and system of education;

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Dubrovina I.V. (2007). Psychological Culture and Education.National Psychological Journal,1(2), 16-20

The article defines the concept of psychological culture, analyzes the role of psychology in modern society and its interconnection with socio-political processes. The importance of properly organized educational system for sound development of personality in general, and the formation of psychological culture in particular, is demonstrated.

Pages: 16-20

Keywords: psychological culture; psychological knowledge; development of the person; system of education; cultural development;

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