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primary education



Sobkin V.S., Ivanov A.I., Skobeltsyna K.N.(2011). From kindergarten education to secondary school education: Parent view.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 111-118

The article analyzes the attitude of parents of preschool children to the primary school education. Special attention is paid to a choice of the optimal age for children to enter school. Furthermore criteria on which parents rely in choosing a school for their children are also reviewed as well as the views of parents on the basic functions of school and their requirements for professional and personal qualities of a school teacher. The article continues a series of works on the sociology of preschool children, conducted by researchers of the Institute for Sociology of Education RAE and is based on the materials of a sociological poll of parents whose children attend Moscow kindergartens.

Pages: 111-118

Keywords: preschool age; parents' attitudes to school education; primary education; school preparedness; professional and personal qualities of school teacher;

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