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time perspective



Zhukova E.V., Nestik T.A. (2014). Types of managerial vision. National Psychological Journal, 3(15), 66-73

This article analyzes the content and formal dynamic performance of management vision, their relationship to the personal characteristics of the chief executive, and also the description of management types of managerial vision identified in the empirical study of the Russian middle and senior managers.

The managerial vision is deemed as the understanding of the future by the chief executive of the organization, which includes the anticipatory image of the company’s future and willingness to inform the employees about it. The empirical research is based on the conceptual framework of studying the managerial vision of the organization as a social psychological phenomenon in which we have identified its basic features and determining factors. According to the conceptual framework of the research, the managerial vision performance refers to its content (the structure of vision) and formal dynamic characteristics.

The paper deals with the psychological types of managerial vision: focused on the business strategy, focused on the external environment, focused on experience, focused on staff, focused on creating team vision.

When describing and analyzing these issues we considered several parameters to develop the typology basis: a significance content components vision, his formal dynamic characteristics (clarity of vision, the vision of his/her role of the chief executive in the future of the organization, optimism about the future image, creating team vision and longitude of the prospective), particular attitude of managers to the characteristic of time (character of temporal orientation), value orientation of the chief executive, the level of corporate confidence.

Received: 01/18/2014

Accepted: 02/06/2014

Pages: 66-73

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2014.0308

Keywords: administrative vision of the future; conceptual scheme for studying managerial vision; types of managerial vision; time perspective; value orientations (VO);

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