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Shuvalov Alexander V. (2015). Anthropological aspects of health psychology. National Psychological Journal. 4, 23-36.

The paper presents the results of a theoretical study carried out in the framework of the research project «Determinants of psychological health of the modern person». The issue of psychological health is considered in the context of the anthropological crisis that affects public body and causes a decrease in synergetic social life. On the level of specific manifestations, it is associated with damage to the spiritual and moral sphere, distortion of personal way of life and interpersonal relationships, which leads to a general decline in viability. A growing number of people, whose subjective state can be described as mentally fit, but personally sick is identified. Secondary symptoms of such conditions are depression, aggression, dependent behaviour. However, their essential characteristics are not captured by the existing social psychological, psychological pedagogical and medical psychological concepts and also do not fit the typical description of psychological emotional and/or behavioural disorders. The author adheres to the hypothesis that these states have specific spiritual and psychological conditions and symptoms that deserve scientific analysis and philosophical reflection.

The leitmotif of the paper is the issue of mental health in its scientific and philosophical sense. Representation of health from the standpoint of modern humanitarian knowledge and traditional spiritual culture are generalized. The theory of general psychological health is developed. The main approaches to the problem of psychological health are presented. Comparative analysis of the humanistic and anthropological models of mental health is shown. Correspondence between the anthropological conditions and criteria of mental health concepts of the modern national educational ideal is presented. Educational activity is described as anthropological practice aimed at acquiring by a child the wide range of values as a person. As such, it is the most conducive to maintaining and strengthening the psychological health of students.

Received: 02/25/2015

Accepted: 04/17/2015

Pages: 23-36

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2015.0403

Keywords: mental health; psychological anthropology; subjective reality; traditionalism; postmodernism; anthropological practice;

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Available Online: 12/31/2015

Zinchenko Yuriy Р., Busygina Ina S. (2013). Psychological health and professional actualization of the company executive. National Psychological Journal,1(9),89–95

The position of the company executive provides great opportunities for human self-development and application of creative approach to the tasks to be performed. On the other hand, the nature of the activity places objective requirements to the executive and thereby restricts freedom of expression, is implemented at the expense of personal interests and self-actualization. Contrary to popular thesis that managerial activities produce a deteriorating affect on the manager’s health, and only health availability ensures the execution of the managerial functions, the paper explores the assumption that a successful self-actualization of the company executive may sustain professional healthy state. This study aims to determine the relationship of professional psychological health of managers and personal self-identity in managerial activities.

The experimental group included participants whose estimates of personal occupational health were quite high, with the absence of stress levels manifestations, satisfied with their administrative work and with high self-cesteem of career success (n=50). The comparison group was represented by a group of managers with four alternative indicators of occupational health, but identical by social demographic features and organizational and psychological parameters of their managerial activity. Mathematical processing of results was conducted with the use of Student T-criterion correlation analysis. The results showed that in the group of “occupational health” self-actualization is characterized by professional activity, leader position, independence, meaningful administrative work and life in general, purposefulness, ability to set goals, to find the meaning of life and career satisfaction, ability of self-guidance, ability to control their life, ability to adjust. Thus, occupational health is associated with a mature personality and managerial self-actualization.

Received: 06/05/2013

Accepted: 10/22/2013

Pages: 89-95

DOI: 2079-6617/2013.0112

Keywords: personality self-realization; managerial activities; occupational health; mental health; health management;

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