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Sagova, Zurida A.

Sagova, Zurida A.

Sagova, Zurida A.

Academic rank: Associate Professor

Degree: Ph.D in Psychology

Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow State University

Ph.D in Psychology

Lomonosov Moscow State University
Moscow, Russia


Assessment of professionally determined features of the functional state in connection with some characteristics of athletes’ sleep
National Psychological Journal p. 75–93 2020. , 3.
Sagova, Zurida A. Dontsov Dmitriy A. Simonov Vyacheslav N.
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Goal setting as a method of self-regulation in curler athletes with different levels of pre-competition anxiety
National Psychological Journal p. 113-124 2019. , 3.
Sagova, Zurida A.
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The study of personal emotional sphere as a regulator of functional state in young athletes
National Psychological Journal p. 96-108 2018. , 4.
Sagova, Zurida A. Dontsov Dmitriy A.
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Professional reflection as the factor of success of a sports coach
National Psychological Journal p. 26-34 2017. , 2.
Sagova, Zurida A. Kapturova, Viktoriya M.
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