ISSN 2079-6617
eISSN 2309-9828
Petrenko V.F.

Petrenko V.F.

Academic rank: Professor

Degree: Doctor of Psychology

Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow State University

Professor Faculty of Psychology, doctor in Psycholog, corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Science.
Editor-in-Chief, Journal “History and Methodology of Psychology”
Moscow, Russia


Psychosemantic study of female visual perception of men.
National Psychological Journal p. 67-74 2017. , 4.
Petrenko V.F. Suprun Anatoliy P. Yanova, Natalia G.
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Spiritual psychological practice in creating an atmosphere of tolerance, religious toleration and nonviolence
National Psychological Journal p. 117-121 2011. , 2.
Petrenko V.F.
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