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Surnov, Konstantin G.

Ph.D in Psychology Moscow, Russia


Tkhostov A.Sh., Surnov K.G.(2006). Culture and Pathology: Side Effects of Socialization. National Psychological Journal,1(1), 20-27

The article argues the necessity of psychological research on the problem of "cultural pathology" and the development of evidence-based programs confronting adverse impact of mass media culture that imposes ideals, rules and values far from humanistic on modern individual, often being the reason of neuroses. It discusses aims and objectives of the task, which should include not only the study of the problem, but also the development of a unified methodological and diagnostic apparatus, as well as the development of preventive measures-psychological and educational activities that help a person to resist the imposed values.

Pages: 20-27

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Keywords: mass culture; system of values; the mass media; the impact of media on the consciousness;

Tkhostov A.Sh., Surnov K.G. (2007). Motivation of the Terrorists.National Psychological Journal,1(2), 27-32

The article regards terrorism as a psychological mechanism that satisfies a number of human needs in a certain way. The authors analyze the following psychological drives of the terrorists: the death instinct, aggression, and the needs for communication, security, new experiences, selfactualization, and selfidentity.

Pages: 27-32

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Keywords: terrorism; psychological needs; psychology of terrorists;

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