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Alexandr V. Vartanov

Alexandr V. Vartanov

Alexandr V. Vartanov

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8844-9643


Degree: PhD in Psychology

Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow State University

Ph.D in Psychology. Leading scientific fellow, Deputy Director for Science of Institute for Cognitive Studies Lomonosov Moscow State University


Analysis of psychophysiological mechanisms and approaches to the correction of pronunciation
National Psychological Journal p. 77-87 2023. , 1.
Anastasia D. Morkovina Andrey O. Shevchenko Vera V. Stroganova Alexandr V. Vartanov
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Sound language of human and simian emotions
National Psychological Journal p. 79-92 2014. , 4.
Alexandr V. Vartanov Tereshchenko, Leonid V. Latanov, Aleksandr V. Burlak, Svetlana A.
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Anthropomorphic method of emotion recognition in sounding speech
National Psychological Journal p. 69-79 2013. , 1.
Alexandr V. Vartanov
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Cognitive functions training: promising research in Russia
National Psychological Journal p. 122-127 2010. , 1.
Kozlovskiy S.A. Alexandr V. Vartanov Velichkovsky, Boris B.
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