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Turin, Pavel T.

Doctor in Psychology


Tyurin P. T. (2012). On emotional states arising from the observation of multidirectional movements. National Psychological Journal, 1(7), 104-106

The phenomenon of subjective experience arising from the perception of centrifugal and centripetal movements is considered. It is shown how the experience of the expanding space contrasts with the experiences that arise from the supervision of runaway objects.

Pages: 104-106

By: ;

Keywords: emotions; expansion and contraction of space; centrifugal menovemt; divergent thinking;

Turin P.T.(2012) .Methodology of ‘Initials’ play for developing imagination. National Psychological Journal,2(8),144-150

The article presents an original method of play called ‘Initials’ for developing imagination, free association and flexibility of thinking. The technique offers the tasks of interpreting the initials, bringing together different versions of their transcripts with the idea of themselves in a holistic image. Production of original interpretations of initials an extremely contracted verbal constructs and reflecting the subjective experiences of the author is considered as a manifestation of creative ability.

Pages: 144-150

By: ;

Keywords: interpretation of the initials; name characters; self-characterisation; elements of autobiography; the hypotheses of “I”; development of imagination;

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