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motivation dynamics


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Strizhova, Ekaterina A. (2016). Dynamics of motivation before and after job placement. National Psychological Journal. 1, 78-87.

The paper presents results of the study focused on the work motivation dynamics. Participants were candidates for the job, accepted on probation period in finance company. The influence of the “Money“» motivation object on the motivational space before and after job placement, an attempt to operationalize situational and temporal stability of work motivation are presented. The study was conducted using method of “Motivational map“, based on the motivational task procedure (Strizhova, Gusev, 2013). Motivational task is a tool for consistent reflection of the field of motivational objects allowing further reconstruction of individual motivational space. The material stimulation is confirmed to have a significant impact on more parameters of motivational space before job placement than after job placement.

Situational stability of work motivation was assessed by correlation between coordinates of 15 motivational objects obtained in the two steps of motivational task. At the first step participant assessed 15 motivational objects in the graphic space of evaluation scales. At the second step participant placed motivational object “Money“ among already evaluated 15 motivational objects, which could be reevaluated after it. Temporal stability was assessed by correlations between the same parameters of motivational space before and after job placement.

The research results helped to assume that situational and temporal stability of motivation could be the factors of individual differences.

Received: 01/20/2016

Accepted: 02/16/2016

Pages: 78-87

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0110

Keywords: work motivation; motivation dynamics; motivation map;

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Available Online: 07/06/2016

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