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Sidorenko E.V. (2007). Leadership Matrix. National Psychological Journal,1(2), 128-131

An original method of leaders assessment, “The Matrix of Leadership”, designed for use in training and coaching as a tool for self- awareness and self-development, is described in this article. The author discusses the results of several “Personality Development” trainings,which employed this method, and shows that the “Matrix of Leadership” could be the first step in recognizing the tasks of leadership potential development.

Pages: 128-131

Keywords: leader; leadership; leadership training; coaching; self-knowledge; self-development;

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Bazarov T.Yu., Bazarova K.T. (2007). Is Distributed Leadership Possible? National Psychological Journal,1(2), 123-127

The article raises the problem of balancing management and leadership. The author analyzes various definitions of leadership, which are provided by Russian and foreign psychologists and defines a highly efficient leader, combining the features of a leader and a manager. Considerable attention is paid to the use of the theory of leadership in practice. Ways of developing leadership potential within organizations, like the distributed leadership, are described.

Pages: 123-127

Keywords: leader; leadership; management; distributed leadership;

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