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Bazarov T.Yu., Aksenovskaya L.N. (2016). Socio-psychological technology of building entrepreneurial culture of the geographical region representatives in Russia. National Psychological Journal. 4, 87-97.

The paper presents the concept of an interdisciplinary project on the development and implementation of socio-psychological technologies of building enterprise culture of the geographical region representatives in Russia. The purpose of this technology is to encourage entrepreneurial activity of the working-age population of a certain Russian geographical region with its cultural, historical, economic and socio-psychological features of the project launches by Professor Takhir Yu. Bazarov «Stolypin reform: version 2.0» and is being implemented in the Saratov region which is historically associated with the name of the prominent Russian reformer Pyotr Stolypin. The project started in the Chernyshevsky Saratov National Research State University in the course of the 7th Scientific Practical Conference «Organizational psychology: people and risks» (October 19-20, 2016) devoted to the interdisciplinary analysis of the reforming practice of the Russian economy within «past – present – future» transspective, leadership in terms of reforms and capacity assessment (socio psychological, cultural, economic) of the Saratov region in the context of more active development of entrepreneurship by establishing the entrepreneurial culture.

The paper describes innovative communication technology organization and promotion of value and target-oriented discussions of scientists, managers and students (among the authors T. Yu. Bazarov and T. A. Nestik are among the authors). The results of socio-psychological research are presented and discussed: a) the image of Saratov city and the image of Saratov entrepreneurs, b) Saratov citizens’ idea about the (ideal and actual) image of Saratov entrepreneurs and Saratov respect of the business selfassessment by entrepreneurs of their image in the eyes of citizens, c) the analysis of the reformer personality and successful leadership in terms of reforms, d) the results of the comparative analysis of the early twentieth and twenty-first centuries crises, e) the results of the research on values and moral development level of the Saratov entrepreneurs, f) on the basis of the obtained results the proposed concept of the development and implementation of socio-psychological technologies of building entrepreneurial culture of the geographical region representatives in Russia.

Received: 11/20/2016

Accepted: 12/16/2016

Pages: 87-97

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2016.0411

Keywords: organizational psychology; leadership; facilitative communicative technology; image; entrepreneurship; ethics and value; Saratov region;

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Available Online: 12/30/2016

Sidorenko E.V. (2007). Leadership Matrix. National Psychological Journal,1(2), 128-131

An original method of leaders assessment, “The Matrix of Leadership”, designed for use in training and coaching as a tool for self- awareness and self-development, is described in this article. The author discusses the results of several “Personality Development” trainings,which employed this method, and shows that the “Matrix of Leadership” could be the first step in recognizing the tasks of leadership potential development.

Pages: 128-131

Keywords: leader; leadership; leadership training; coaching; self-knowledge; self-development;

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