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Barabanshchikova, Valentina V.

Барабанщикова В.В.

Researcherid: J-1481-2012

Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow State University;

Doctor of Psychology, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education, Head of the Laboratory of Occupational Psychology, Faculty of Psychology Lomonosov Moscow State University, Head of Department at Psychological Service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Moscow, Russia


Ivanova, E.G., Mikadze, Y.V., Gordeev, M.N., Ivanova, G.E., Barabanshchikova, V.V., Zinchenko, Y.P. (2021). Organiza tion of psychological services at the FSBI “FCB&N” FMBA of Russia in the context of re-profi ling, [Natsional’nyy psikhologicheskiy zhurnal], 3(43), C. 50–62. doi: 10.11621/npj.2021.0305

Relevance (context) of the subject of the article. Many fi rstline healthcare workers feel high levels of stress due to excessive workload, problems of adapting to new conditions, fear of infection and discrimination and feeling of inadequate support while working with coronavirus infection. Also, an additional burden is placed on the medical staff due to increased anxiety for their health and patients who are afraid to die. On the other hand, the presence of psychologists in the staff of the institution allows them to perform new work tasks, adhering their specialty and workplace.

The aim of the study is to identify the most effi cient new types of work for a medical psychologists in the FSBI “FCB&N” FMBA of Russia functioning as an infectious diseases hospital.

Description of the research progress. The study was conducted from April to June 2020 and included informational, methodological, diagnostic and advisory forms of work, the content of which was revised depending on its relevance and the dynamics of interaction with target groups.

Research results. Th e most popular and eff ective types of work turned out to be psychological counseling for patients in the “red” zone, work with relatives at the transfer point and remote monitoring of the medical staff condition, the latter being on duty at the exit from the “red” zone and leading a group of patients via WhatsApp. The opportunities for emergency contact with a psychologist, the availability of several methods of communication and regular monitoring of the psychological state of medical staff signifi cantly reduced the level of distress and its consequences.

Conclusions. Creating conditions for organizing psychological assistance in an institution reorientated to work with a new coronavirus infection is an important task to reduce the stress level of medical staff , overcome the nonadaptive behavior of patients and their relatives, as well as preserve resources of the institution’s psychologists.

Received: 09/13/2020

Accepted: 07/24/2021

Pages: 50-62

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2021.0305

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Available Online: 30.11.2021

Golichenkov A. K., Belitskaya A.V., Barabanshchikova V.V., Vaipan V.A., Davidyan G.M., Zinchenko Yu.P., Molotnikov A.E., Timofeeva L.N., Shoigu Yu.S. (2018) The current state of the legal regulation of psychological assistance. National Psychological Journal, [Natsional’nyy psikhologicheskiy zhurnal], 11(1), 141–150.

Background. Currently there is a need to adopt a special federal law that covers psychological counselling of the population. The lack of such law is preventing use of uniformed terminology across the country and separating governmental and non-governmental psychological counselling rendered. Such gap also does not correspond with the interests of the clients that counselling is focused on since the experts who are allowed to extend those services are undetermined and undefined.

Objective The paper is directed at analyzing the status quo of legal regulation of the psychological counselling, finding gaps in such regulation and proving the need in a special federal law.

Research Progress. The paper takes an account of the current state of regulation of psychological counselling in the Russian Federation and foreign countries using the comparative legal analysis approach.The research resulted in a finding that there is the need in a special federal law on psychological counselling.

Conclusion. Special federal law on psychological counselling of the population is necessary to elaborate and eventually to implement for uniformity in counselling and in social work services, and also to protect the rights and interests of those who seek councelling, as well as determining the qualifications of those to render such services.

Practical Application. The research results can be used while drafting and passing a special federal law on psychological counselling and executive regulatory acts.

Received: 03/06/2018

Accepted: 03/14/2018

Pages: 141-150

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2018.0113

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Keywords: psychological support; social services; social and psychological services; psychologist; emergency situations and emergencies;

Available Online: 30.03.2018

Barabanshchikova Valentina V., Marusanova Galina I. (2015). Perspectives for research of the procrastination phenomenon in professional work. National Psychological Journal. 4, 130-140.

The paper describes the current state of the procrastination phenomenon in professional work, reviews the basic unexplored aspects in this area, and highlights the promising areas of scientific analysis. The survey of the existing literature periodization shows that the quantity of researches devoted to procrastination is growing exponentially every year. In spite of a pronounced research interest in this construct, in native and foreign psychological science procrastination phenomenon in the professional work is represented insufficiently. Firstly, there is no common and generally accepted definition of procrastination (Corkin, Yu, Lindt, 2011; Steel, 2010; Krause, Freund, 2014), that suggests that there is a deep terminological crisis in this area. Secondly, the characteristic of delaying the implementation of the elements of workload is represented only by the example of a fairly narrow range of professional activities, which makes it relevant to study the specificity of the differentiated functioning of the phenomenon on the material of a wide range of professions. Thirdly, in psychology there are no information about the peculiarities of the so-called “active” procrastination manifestations in professional activity, which is the tendency of conscious assignments delaying to achieve the optimum final result (Chu, Choi, 2005; Choi, Moran, 2009). Fourthly, there is an acute shortage of standardized psychodiagnostic tools to evaluate this phenomenon in work (most of the existing methods have been tested on samples of students and are aimed at identifying academic procrastination). In the fifth place, there are no science-based allocation of methods of coping with destructive manifestations of the psychological strategy of the job functions postponement in a professional work.

Received: 11/02/2015

Accepted: 11/27/2015

Pages: 130-140

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2015.0413

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Keywords: procrastination; “active” procrastination; “passive” procrastination; academic procrastination;

Available Online: 31.12.2015

Barabanshchikova Valentina V., Ostanina Maria V., Klimova Oxana A. (2015). Procrastination phenomenon in individual and team sports athletes’ activity. National Psychological Journal. 3, 91-104.

The modern world imposes strict conditions on people in various types of activities. A huge amount of processed information, tight timelines and other factors may cause people’s inability to cope with their tasks. Thus, there is a popular habit to put off the work without thinking about the consequences. This trait called procrastination is inherent to a million people all over the world. The problem of procrastination is just beginning to develop in Russia. Nowadays lots of foreign research and foreign questionnaires are being translated and approbated. The aim of this research is to identify the level of athletes’ procrastination, and define the differences of procrastination patterns in individual and team sports athletes. Also we want to study the relationship between procrastination and athletes’ personal characteristics such as extroversion, neuroticism, control over the actions, motivation to success, anxiety, time perspective and decision-making style (coping), and also indicators of state anxiety using a sample of individual athletes (boxing, unarmed self-defence, judo, karate, kickboxing, wrestling, taekwondo) and teams (hockey, football, volleyball). Correlation analysis shows structural differences of procrastination manifestations in different types of sport. Regression analysis shows that in athletes of individual sports (model: p = 0,002, adjusted R2 = 0,368) there is only one significant predictor of procrastination - the negative past (p = 0,007, β = 0,495). 

The negative past (p = 0,003, β = 0,463), the control over the planning of the action (p = 0,05, β = -0.220) and the monitoring of the implementation of the action (p = 0,003, β = -0,465) are the predictors of procrastination in team sports (model: p = 0,002, adjusred R2 = 0,368).

Received: 06/30/2015

Accepted: 08/12/2015

Pages: 91-104

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2015.0310

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Keywords: procrastination; professional distortions; individual and team sports; sportsperson;

Available Online: 15.11.2015

Barabanshchikova V. V., Klimova O. A. (2015). Representations of work engagement and workaholism in modern psychological research. National psychological journal. 2 (18), 3-12.

Nowadays athletes in order to achieve high results and achievements should donate their own interests and private life because of spending much more time for countless flights, acclimatization, everyday workout and competition. So they are short of time to fully replenish their psychological and physiological resources, resulting in accumulation of negative human functional states. Without application of any external psychological interventions there is a high probability of occurrence and development of occupational deteriorations in athletes. The main objective of this theoretical research was to identify and analyze the specificity of occupational deteriorations which can develop in sport as a career. In the presented research paper we described the major occupational deteriorations such as burnout (Maslach et al, 2008), workaholism (Schaufeli et al., 2008), perfectionism (Xolmogorova, 2010), type A behaviour (Ryska et al., 1999) and procrastination (Milgram et al., 2000). 

Accumulation of negative human functional states can entail one or even more occupational deteriorations that will play important role in career termination from sport. Workaholism, burnout, perfectionism, type A Behaviour and procrastination has their own specific manifestations, which can also appear in postretirement from sport activity. The most popular approaches to occupational deteriorations, operationalization and specific features of their appearance and particular manifestations are emphasized, and also various consequences in athlete’s life are described. Thus, occupational deteriorations are one of the most topical and pressed forward issues, which need further development in the framework of conceptualization and inventory development in modern psychology.

Received: 03/23/2015

Accepted: 04/06/2015

Pages: 3-12

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2015.0201

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Keywords: professional deformations ; burnout; perfectionism; workaholism; procrastination; type A Behaviour; sport; profession; sport activities;

Available Online: 30.08.2015

Barabanshchikova V.V., Klimova O.A. (2015). Representations of work engagement and workaholism in modern psychological research. National psychological journal. 1 (17), 52-60.

The paper provides an overview of work engagement and workaholism, and also the current research. Work engagement differs from workaholism as a psychological phenomenon, but both concepts are closely connected with each other. The scientific research of the phenomena mentioned above began only in 1970, when Oates published his first book called “On being a “workaholic”. Each employee has to find balance between private life and work to get utmost job satisfaction, and to perform his/her job responsibilities productively. Work engaged staff have higher levels of subjective comfort and psychological well-being, without any experience of occupational deteriorations. In modern psychology, there is no prescription for perfect recipe of finding balance between work and family that entails different angles of considering work engagement and workaholism, their causes and prevention mechanisms. On the other hand, the impact of excessive work engagement may be one of the reasons of developing negative human functional states that plays a moderating role in the transit stage from work engagement to workaholism. Schaufeli discribed work engagement as a positive, affective-motivational state of fulfillment that can be characterized by vigor, dedication, and absorption. Workaholism is a multidimensional construct, which can be linked to both positive and negative outcomes. At the contemporary stage of scientific development a lot of difficulties in studying workaholism and work engagement could be analyzed, e.g. there are no adopted Russian diagnostics instruments to assess workaholism and its manifastations. Thus, further research should be devoted to the issues of choosing proper research instruments in order to obtain clear and reliable results.

Received: 02/06/2015

Accepted: 02/12/2015

Pages: 52-60

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2015.0106

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Keywords: work engagement; workaholism; job performance; professional deformations ;

Available Online: 30.03.2015

Barabanshchikova V.V., Kaminskaya E.O. (2013). Procrastination phenomenon in virtual project team members. National Psychological Journal, 2(10), 43-51

The modern world sets high requirements for work structure. Therefore, a great number of services become outsourcing. In order to reduce their charges, various enterprises found virtual project teams (PT). The main problems in this decision are connected with high necessity of PT members’ self-regulation. One of the reasons of PT members’ self-regulation failure is procrastination phenomenon. Over 15-25% of people demonstrate procrastination behaviour. Procrastination can be analysed as a type of inadequate coping behaviour, and it correlates with high level of stress. Thus, the main purpose of this research is to analyze the procrastination phenomenon in PT members with different job stress level.

We collected the following data: objective measures (age, gender); General Procrastination Scale (Lay, 1986); Job Diagnostic Survey (Hackman, Oldham, 1980); Survey for actual and chronic stress manifestation assessment (Leonova, 2004). 52 respondents from several PTs were under study. Subjects show high level of stress manifestation and moderate level of procrastination. Regression analysis was also conducted (adj. R-squared=0.457, p<0.001). Only appraisal of chronic resource exhaustion and job experience emerged as significant predictors of procrastination. Conducted research should help in PT members’ job organization in order to protect them from deadline breakdowns.

Received: 08/06/2013

Accepted: 10/16/2013

Pages: 43-51

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2013.0207

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Keywords: procrastination; occupational stress; coping strategies; potential motivation;

Barabanshikova V. V.,Kuzmina N. V. (2010). The analysis of bank employees' job stress during the adaptation to organizational changes.National Psychological Journal,1(3), 118-121

This article presents a research on the specifics of bank employees' job stress during adaptation to organizational changes driven by the bank's economical instability and changes in the management system of the bank. The results shows that all bank employees demonstrate a high level of job stress, which manifests itself in subjective feeling of tension. On the basis of the results we propose some recommendations, including interventions oriented to the reduction of the organizational changes' negative influence on the bank employees' job stress level.

Pages: 118-121

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Keywords: occupational stress; organizational changes; adaptation;

Barabanshikova V. V., Kuzmina N. V.(2010). The analysis of bank employees’ job stress during the adaptation to organizational changes.National Psychological Journal,2(4), 127-130

This article presents a research on the specifics of bank employees’ job stress during adaptation to organizational changes driven by the bank’s economical instability and changes in the management system of the bank. The results shows that all bank employees demonstrate a high level of job stress, which manifests itself in subjective feeling of tension. On the basis of the results we propose some recommendations, including interventions oriented to the reduction of the organizational changes’ negative influence on the bank employees’ job stress level.

Pages: 127-130

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Keywords: job stress; organizational changes; adaptation;

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