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Dubrovina I.V. (2007). Psychological Culture and Education.National Psychological Journal,1(2), 16-20

The article defines the concept of psychological culture, analyzes the role of psychology in modern society and its interconnection with socio-political processes. The importance of properly organized educational system for sound development of personality in general, and the formation of psychological culture in particular, is demonstrated.

Pages: 16-20

Keywords: psychological culture; psychological knowledge; development of the person; system of education; cultural development;

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Dubrovina I. V.(2010). Afterword to the Year of the Teacher.National Psychological Journal,2(4), 107-111

One of the pressing problems of practical psychology at the present stage of development of education is to find ways to justify an individual approach to every child in the context of realization of resource of creativity in the educational institutions of various types and levels.

Pages: 107-111

Keywords: child; development; age; personality; individual approach; abilities; "zone of proximal development"; "social situation of development";

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