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“later” motherhood


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Zakharova E.I. (2014). Features of the mother interaction with preschool children in a “late” motherhood. National Psychological Journal, 2(14), 97-101

The paper presents the results of empirical studies of the mother interaction with preschool children. The objective of the research is to determine the peculiarities of mothers aged over 35 interaction with a child. Relevance of the research is due to a pronounced recent trend of first births in adulthood when parenthood is referred to as “late”. Means of identifying age-related features is a comparative analysis of the two groups of preschool children mothers who gave birth to their first child under to 30 years (young mothers) and those who gave birth to their first child being over 35 (“late” mother). The study involved 80 females aged 26 to 55 years with children of preschool age. Features of the emotional state of their children were also analyzed. Preschool experience of interaction in the family allowed to talk about the advantages and dangers of the “late” motherhood. The analysis of the emotional state of preschool children was conducted by projective picturesque samples, also, the mothers and kindergarten teachers who are to watch the baby for a long period of time were interviewed. The results of the study suggest that a “late” mother builds a more harmonious interaction with the children, which is reflected in their experience of the family situation well-being, and a favourable emotional state. Responsiveness of “late” mothers and also their support and sympathy allow the child to feel secure, while at the same time does not induce children’s autonomy. These children are more likely to seek help of an adult, need adult’s support, while the children of young mothers are more likely to solve problems on their own.

Received: 08/04/2014

Accepted: 09/28/2014

Pages: 97-101

DOI: 10.11621/npj.2014.0212

Keywords: “later” motherhood; parent-child interaction; the experience of the family situation; an emotional state ;

By: Zakharova E.I.;

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