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"luminance" and "dark" neuron modules


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Schechter E. D., Chernorizov A. M., Gadelshina D. F.(2010). Modular organization mechanisms of achromatic vision:from human to simple nervous systems.National Psychological Journal,2(4), 92-99

Work is devoted to testing the hypothesis that such modular principle of organization of mechanisms of sensations of brightness is universal in a wide range of animals, including invertebrates. The article presents the results of an experimental study of achromatic vision of snail Helix lucorum, obtained by recording the total electrical activity of the retina (electroretinogram, ERG) and optic nerve.

Pages: 92-99

Keywords: achromatic vision; invertebrates; sensation of brightness; electroretinogram; optic nerve; on-and off - the system of vision; "luminance" and "dark" neuron modules;

By: Shekhter M.S.; Chernorizov A.M.; Gadelshina, Dinara F.;

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