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Annotated Index to Articles published in the current issue of the National Psychological Journal

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Chesnokova O. B., Subbotsky E. V. (2010). Social intelligence in complex social systems: evolutionary precursors, levels,forms and tpes.National Psychological Journal,2(4), 22-29

We discuss evolutionary precursors of social intelligence in complex social systems, and dostinguish levels, forms ans types of social intelligence in humans. On the basis of experimental studies of social intelligence in children, we distinguish high, middle and low levels of social intelligence.. The importance of distinguishing levels, forms and types of social intelligence for a number of theoretical and practical issues of preparing a modern child for the effective appropriation of (and functioning in) complex social systems is accentuated.

Pages: 22-29

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Keywords: social intelligence; social competence; phylogenesis; ontogenesis; levels, forms and types;

Noskova O. G. (2010). Apllied psychology in contemporary Russia.National Psychological Journal,2(4), 15-19

The report presents a summary of the conference on the status and problems of modern Russian Applied Psychology. Summary and suggestions of participants in each of the seven sessions are presented.

Pages: 15-19

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Keywords: applied psychology; organizational psychology; psychology of labour; educational psychology; developmental psychology; psychology of the family; psychological support of professionals; psychology of career;

Feldshtein D. I. (2010). A changing child in a changing world: psychological and educational problems of the new school.National Psychological Journal, 2(4), 6-11

Main socio"cultural changes in modern society are outlined. Their influence on personality development of children and adolescents is revealed. The features of contemporary children due to evolutionary morphological transformations of human are discussed. The problems that comes from these processes to the psychological and pedagogical theory and practice, especially in the modern school, are described.

Pages: 6-11

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Keywords: cultural-historical environment; the relationship of social change and features of child development; psychophysiological features of the modern child; informal groups of children; cognitive development; ">; emotional development; moral development; pathology of development; age limit of childhood; deviant behavior in children and adolescent; Internet;

Lebedevа L.D. (2011). "Flower Drawing of Family Members" projective technique in psychological counseling.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 133-137

The diagnostic value of the drawing tests in psychological diagnosis is considered. Projective technique "Flower Drawing of Family Members" is an original method, which can be used as a mild humane technique of psychological diagnostics.

Pages: 133-137

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Keywords: tests; drawing tests; projective techniques; psychodiagnostics; psychocorrection;

Tyutyunnik V.I. (2011). Psychological conditions of developing creative abilities in children.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 126-132

The self"awareness psychological structure of a creative person developed by the author of the article during many years of research is considered. The results of longitudinal experiment conducted in the natural conditions devoted to developing the need and ability for creative work in children is highlighted.

Pages: 126-132

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Keywords: the self-awareness structure; creative personality; creativity; artistic ability; the need for creativity; development; adult-child interaction; creative development; the role of adults in child development; individual capacity;

Zinchenko Yu.P., Volodarskaya I.A. (2011). New specialist area in psychology.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 119-123

The problems that psychologists are faced with in modern society are highlighted. The research held by the Faculty of Psychology of Lomonosov Moscow State University in accordance with the "Implementation of Innovation"Based Educational Programmes in Psychology" sub"project is considered. The new interdepartmental and interdisciplinary specialist areas are aimed at professional academic training in order to solve theoretical and practical problems of modern psychology.

Pages: 119-123

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Keywords: psychological education; educational programs; problems of modern psychology; psychology of negotiations; psychology of conflict; psychology of developing innovation-based educationa; psychology of safety; health psychology; psychological competence;

Sobkin V.S., Ivanov A.I., Skobeltsyna K.N.(2011). From kindergarten education to secondary school education: Parent view.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 111-118

The article analyzes the attitude of parents of preschool children to the primary school education. Special attention is paid to a choice of the optimal age for children to enter school. Furthermore criteria on which parents rely in choosing a school for their children are also reviewed as well as the views of parents on the basic functions of school and their requirements for professional and personal qualities of a school teacher. The article continues a series of works on the sociology of preschool children, conducted by researchers of the Institute for Sociology of Education RAE and is based on the materials of a sociological poll of parents whose children attend Moscow kindergartens.

Pages: 111-118

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Keywords: preschool age; parents' attitudes to school education; primary education; school preparedness; professional and personal qualities of school teacher;

Asmolov A.G., Burmenskaya G.V., Volodarskaya I.A., Karabanova O.A., Molchanov S.V., Salmina N.G. (2011). Program of development of universal educational actions in high school.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 104-110

The article discusses the theoretical and methodological framework of the Program development of educational actions as a universal educational psychological and educational component of the project of the federal state standard of general education for senior level - the doctrine of psychological age (Vygotsky, El'konin) and the concept of developmental education, created in the frame of activity approach (Leontiev, Galperin, El'konin, Davydov). The basic types of universal educational action are determined, their characteristics and criteria of formation for older adolescents are presented.

Pages: 104-110

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Keywords: system-activity approach; the psychological age; universal study actions; self-orientation; communicative action; cognitive actions; regulatory actions;

Ponomarenko V.A.(2011). How Space supports the Spirit of an earthly human.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 100-103

An original author's hypothesis about the role of space in the moral development of a human personality, his/her spiritual enrichment and improvement is considered. The opportunities of space exploration to generate new theories about the origin of the psyche, to study the human consciousness from a new angle are analyzed.

Pages: 100-103

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Keywords: studying the human psyche; development of the person; psychology of morality; faith;

Zefeld V.V. (2011). Body-space environment of the spacecraft cabin.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 93-99

The importance of "habitual atmosphere" of the body-space cabin environment for the astronaut's normal mental work is considered. Various ways of recreating "habitual environment" on board the spaceship are suggested.

Pages: 93-99

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Keywords: body-space environment; the conditions for the astronaut's normal mental work; associations; the impact of solar and artificial light; specific features of form perception; the interaction of light and form; psychophysiology; visual perception;

Gorbov F.D. (2011). On the "Immunity" of the operator.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 90-92

The peculiarities of the operator's work and in particular airplane pilots are analyzed. The flight personnel experimental results reveal the notion of immunity, which is defined as an individual psychological characteristic of a personality in relation to a human operator.

Pages: 90-92

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Keywords: psychophysiology; operator's work; fatigue; exercise; operator's "immunity"; stimuli; personality traits;

Kostin A.N. (2011). Automation in manned space flight: Challenges and social psychological determinants.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 85-89

The main engineering and psychological issues and also trends of controlling engineering manned-space flight are considered. They are determined by social and psychological attitudes that are applicable in the professional sphere of the developmental engineering. The content of the issues and attitudes mentioned are revealed.

Pages: 85-89

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Keywords: space navigation; control engineering; psychological issues of control engineering; technical potential of engineering equipmen; professional experience; mentality; traditions; installation;

Dikaya L.G. (2011). Contribution of the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences into the development of space psychology.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 78-84

The history of development of space psychology research at the Russian Academy of Sciences is considered. The article describes the issues of cooperation with various organizations involved in space psychology research from the early days until now.

Pages: 78-84

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Keywords: experimental studies; The Russian Academy of Sciences; space psychology;

Isaichev E.S.,Isaichev S.A., Nasonov A.V., Chernorizov A.M. (2011). Diagnostics of deception based on the analysis of cognitive evoked potentials of the human brain.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 70-77

A new experimental approach to lye detection is discussed based on analysis of spatial distribution of single components in human cognitive event"related potentials. According averaged group data, the most informative component is the wave P 450.

Pages: 70-77

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Keywords: detection of deceptive responses (lye detection); models of lying; cognitive eventrelated potentials (cERP); spatial distribution of cERP; algorithms of cERP evaluation;

Baranauskiene I.,Valaykene A. (2011). The effect of stress on job satisfaction in correctional institutions personnel.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 66-69

The impact of psychological and social labor factors on mental and physical health of correctional institutions personnel is analyzed. The results of research reveal the most important causes of job stress and their intensive character in correctional institutions personnel are considered. The connection between psychological and social factors and also job stress with job satisfaction and internal consistency is considered.

Pages: 66-69

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Keywords: an internal coordination; psychosocial factors of labor; work satisfactions; job stress; stress overcoming; job motivation; the psychological help at stress;

Strelkov Yu.K. (2011). Temporality of work activities.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 62-65

Synchronizing the processes of the accomplishing of dual tasks, the duration of the expectations of events and experience of the present, the mental conscious work on preparation for the job and analyzing its results, bodily movement and change in the outside world - attention to such temporary categories allows the psychologist to build an accurate description of human labor in various forms of transport, to outline methods of formation of specialists' professional skills.

Pages: 62-65

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Keywords: timing; duration; temporal synthesis; work activity;

Ismagilovа F.S. (2011). Myths of modern Russian labor psychology.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 55-61

This article examined the problem of employment and unemployment of specialists of work and organization psychology. I investigate the perspectives for career of these young specialists and describe the marketing strategy to promote work and organization psychological services and products.

Pages: 55-61

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Keywords: labor market; lean production; work experience; marketing of work and organization psychological services and products;

Panov V.I. (2011). Paradoxes of learning mental ability and approaches to overcoming these paradoxes.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 50-54

The author explores the issue: What does psychology study? Does it study the human psyche? He argues about the product of mental activity. Different views on the subject of scientific psychology, the human psyche and its manifestations are considered.

Pages: 50-54

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Keywords: the subject of psychology; psyche; mental activity; mental processes; psychology as a subject and object of research; the products of the human psyche; the study of the human psyche;

Zinchenko Yu.P. (2011). Methodological problems of basic and applied psychological research.National Psychological Journal,1(5), 42-49

The research held by the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State Lomonosov University which is constantly developing new approaches based on classical theories of the international and national psychology. The methodology development of psychological research as a condition for apprehending the knowledge accumulated and the process of learning are analyzed.

Pages: 42-49

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Keywords: methodological problems of psychology; organizational structure of psychological research;

Karabanova O.A. (2011). "Lomonosov – 2011": New encounters and discoveries. National Psychological Journal,1(5), 36-39

The report provides the information on "Lomonosov – 2011", the XVIIIth International Conference of Students and Young Scientists in which "Psychology" section was devoted to the issues of "Conventional Studies and Innovation"Based Research of Russian and International Psychology". The abstracts of the winners can be found hereafter.

Pages: 36-39

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Keywords: Lomonosov-2011;

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