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Grigoryan Elena N.

Григорян Е.Н.

Ph.D in Psychology
Yekaterinburg, Russia


Vasyagina N.N., Grigoryan E.N., Kazayeva E.A. (2018) Psychological and educational aspects of rehabilitation of children with autism spectrum disorder in preschool education. National Psychological Journal, 11(2), 92–101

Background. The increased number of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is observed worldwide today. Ambiguity of the reasons that cause the disorder, lack of the possibility to render effective medical care make actual the need of non-HCP (according to medical research full treatment cannot be found). The solution of this problem is possible by using effective mechanisms of child training in the society.

The Objective is to develop the complex model for ASD children rehabilitation in preschool education based on the analysis of various correction methods that are widely used in the USA Europe and Russia. There considered are possibilities and limitations, and their application in preschool education.

Design. The authors consider their own model for ASD children rehabilitation based on the direct practical experience with a specific ASD child suffering. The conditions for adopting this model in preschool education are described: creating a special environment that allows to compensate for missing skills and facilitate the child adaptation, psychological and educational support of all subjects of inclusive education, and teamwork of experts of different profiles (teacher, psychologist, speech therapist, and speech pathologist).

Results. Based on the analysis of foreign and domestic experience of rehabilitation, a comprehensive model for the rehabilitation of the ASD child in the conditions of an educational organization has been developed. The construction of the individual rehabilitation route of the ASD child considers specific features of mutism, child’s adaptation and behaviour, the accompanying disturbances complicating the development process, background and needs of the family, and also resources of the educational organization. The rehabilitation work emphasizes the development of the emotional sphere and communication skills.

Conclusion. Rehabilitation work with the ASD child in the conditions of the educational organization will be effective if to carry out it by the group of experts in the following ways: correctional work with the ASD child, work with peers, work with teachers and parental support.

Received: 04/14/2018

Accepted: 04/27/2018

Pages: 92-101

DOI: doi: 10.11621/npj.2018.0210

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Keywords: autistic disorders; early childhood autism; autism spectrum disorder; rehabilitation; adaptation; correction;

Available Online: 01.08.2018

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