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Yakimovich, Nadezhda V.

Ph.D in Psychology
Moscow, Russia


Yakimovich N.V., Kovalenko P.A. (2012). On the appropriatenes of developing two types of «image flight» in the pilots of civil aviation. National Psychological Journal,2(8),106-109

So far the question of what is needed to pilots of the flight, has remained arbitrary from the point of view of aviation psychology: some experts supposed that there must be a «qualitative» image of a flight (based on visual image), others were of the opinion that a «quantitative» image of flight is quite sufficient for the pilot (presented in the form of a numerical code or instrument analogue of the flight information). Analysing these various approaches from the position of the activity approach the authors of the article came to the conclusion that the pilots in the process of training have to create both types of image flight, because each of them is used depending on the purposes of activity on a particular flight phase.

Pages: 106-109

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Keywords: activity approach; the image of the flight ; the spatial position of the aircraft ; the purpose of activity ; the learning content;

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